Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week 3

3-1 Day
The only thing you will today is get your haircut and go to class.

3-2 Day
Here you will learn more about your A school. They will tell you where and how long your school will be. They will also insure that you qualify for your job. If you don't they will reclassify you for a different job.

3-3 Day
Today is more classes.

3-4 Day
Basic Seamanship
This class will teach about the basics of getting a ship underway and bringing it back in-port.

3-5 Day
Marlinespike Lab
Here you will take what you learned yesterday and put it to practice. You will go and simulate getting a ship underway and bringing it back in-port.
Today the banks will be back to give you your ATM card if you signed up for one in P-Days.

The rest of the time will be doing the following:
Drilling for your drill inspections
Getting ready for your next inspection
Studying for your second test.

Week 2

2-1 Day
Today will be your first inspection. This will be a PI/DMI (Personnel Inspection/Dynamic Material Inspection. First you will be inspected in your NWU (Navy Working Uniform). During this you will be asked a question, this will be from one of things I said to study. Go to post.
Immediately after that you will be inspected on how well you can make your bed. Here you will have 2 minutes to strip your bunk and then 15 minutes to make it.

2-2 Day
Dental Avail 2.
Again today you will either go to dental or stay in the compartment for training.

2-3 Day
Today is your second inspection and first test.
The inspection will be a Zone Inspection. First the compartment will be inspected for proper set up and cleanliness. Then your entire locker or bunk will be inspected. It will half and half. If you have your locker inspected they will check that you properly folded, stowed and stamped your clothes properly. If you have your bunk inspected it is the same as your last inspection.
Test 1 will be your first opportunity to receive a flag. It is a 50 question multiple choice test. It will consist of questions from the following classes you had in the past week and a half:
Ships and aircraft
First Aid
Rate and Rank Recognition
Uniforms and Grooming
You are required to get at least 32 questions right.

2-4 Day
Dress Uniform Issue
You're going to go get your dress uniforms issued.

2-5 Day
The last Dental Avail.

The rest of the time will be training for the inspections you had this week and studying for test 1. You will also do more drill training and start training for you next inspection.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week 1

Week 1 is almost an extension of P-Days. 
On the first tuesday you will go to the Captains Brief. Here the Commanding Officer will talk to everybody about what to expect and what not to do. He will discuss his top 5 things that will get you in trouble. They are drugs, racial slurs, fraternization , recruit to recruit contact, and hazing.

On the first day (1-1) You will go to recruit receipts. Here you will take care of the rest of your service record. You will do your DDS (Direct Deposit), SGLI (Life Insurance) and receive your military ID. Today you will also go to PT Fam. This will be where you learn what exercises you will do during PT (Physical Training). 

1-2 Day
Swim Qualification. You will go to the pool for swim qualification. Before you start your swimming you will get a brief about special operations. You will have a chance to volunteer for any spec ops that is available. 
The swim qual will consist of the following:
Jumping off a 10 foot platform then swimming to the end of the pool.
Dead mans float for 5 min
Water survival techniques.

1-3 Day
Your going to do your Baseline PFA today. This is what your RDC's are going use to see where you are on PT. This also counts for your DEP PQS, if you completed it before getting there.

1-4 Day
Today is Dental Avail 1. This is all day dental appointments. Not everybody will have an appointment. If you do not have an appointment you will stay in the barracks to train.

1-5 Day
This is a training day.

The time that you are not in the events I described above you will be training for inspections and test. This week your training will mainly be about the following:
How to fold your clothes and put them in your locker.
How to do a personnel inspection (uniform inspection).
How to march.
How to clean the barracks.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Inprocessing (P-Days)

P-days is at least 5 working days long. It can be longer if there is not enough recruits to form a division. (P-Hold) If your on P-hold you will be waiting for more people to come in so you have a full division. P-Hold is extra training time. One you have a full division you will start P-days.

P-1( First day of Processing)
Once your RDC's receive the division they will start to get you ready for the day. First thing you will do is shave (for males). After that you will receive a green guard belt with a canteen. You will be instructed on the proper wear of your guard belt and the importance of proper hydration. You will be required to drink 8 to 12 canteens of water a day. 
You will then be taken to the galley (where you eat).
After breakfast you will get your haircut. Females should get there haircut before they get there, the barbers don't take there time.
You will then go to Moment of Truth. 
After that it's back to the galley for lunch. 
You will then go to fill out paperwork and get your picture taken for your ID. 
The rest of the night will consist of training with your RDC's.

This is an early morning. You wake up at 4 am.
The first thing you will do is go to medical (Red Rover) to get your blood drawn. While you are there you will have a bag breakfast.
Then you will go to uniform issue. Here you will receive your NWU's (Navy Working Uniform).
After that is complete you will go to lunch in the galley.
Then you will take the DEP test, send a letter home with your address and get a religious brief.
The rest of the night is training time and dinner.

Today is all about FFD (Fit For Full Duty). This means you are medically cleared to train. This also means you can ITE(Intensive Training Exercises).
You will get up in the morning, go to breakfast and then go back to Red Rover. Here you will go through medical and dental screening. You will eat a bag lunch there. This will be done at around 3pm. You will then go to a brief for MGIB (Montgomery GI Bill) and be able to sign up for a bank account if you don't have one. Then its dinner and training time.

This is another early morning. You will go back to Red Rover for vaccine shots and more dental screening. After lunch you will clean the barracks your staying in and get ready to move to your no ship (barracks). This is about a 2 mile walk with a seabag on your back. When you get there you will get situated and eat dinner.

Today is the last day of in processing. You will have to go to a class about UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice). If you have a job that requires a special physical you will go to medical to start that. If you have a low verbal comprehension score on your ASVAB you will screen for F.A.S.T. This is a program to help you understand english, it is a very helpful program. The rest of the day is getting everything done before you start training.

Tomorrow starts your actual boot camp.


Once you get to boot camp you will be given a phone call home to let somebody know you are safe. This is an extremely short phone call. Bring a phone number for somebody you know will answer the phone. 
You will then go into initial issue. Here they will issue you the basic things you need to survive. You will receive basic hygiene items and clothing items. You will also box up everything you brought with you and pay Fedex to ship it. The less you bring the less it costs. 
You will then have to provide a urine sample for drug testing. 
After all that is done you will be placed into a division with up to 87 other recruits.
You will be taken to the in processing barracks ( the Pearl Harbor) where you will meet your RDC's and start the In processing Days (P-Days).

Start studying now

There are a few things that you can start studying now to make your life easier.

RTC Maxim
I will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those among us who do.

Sailors Creed

I am a United States Sailor.

I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me.

I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world.

I proudly serve my country’s Navy combat team with Honor, Courage, and Commitment .

I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

Anchors Aweigh
First Verse
Stand Navy out to sea
Fight our battle cry:
We'll never change our course
So vicious foes steer shy-y-y-y
Roll out the T. N. T.
Anchors Aweigh
Sail on to victory
And sink their bones to Davy Jones, hooray!

Second Verse
Anchors Aweigh my boys
Anchors Aweigh
Farewell to foreign shores
We sail at break of day day day day
Through our last night ashore
Drink to the foam
Until we meet once more
Here's wishing you a happy voyage home!

Rate and Rank Recognition

YouTube Videos

Here are some videos that aren't too old. These were made within the last 2 years. These are fairly accurate. A few things have changed since they were made.

What to bring with you

You don't need a lot. When you get there almost everything you bring will be sent home. 

The most important thing you bring is a photo ID. If you don't have one you will not be able to get your military ID.

Bring all of the information for your spouse and children. i.e. birth certificates, social security numbers, and contact information.

Contact information for your beneficiaries (who you want to receive the money in case of your death) for life insurance.

Bring copies of all the paperwork you have.

Women bring some feminine hygiene products, options are limited once you get there. Also if you have a white sports bra that helps when you run, bring it. The bras there do not work well for well endowed women.

What to do before you leave

First thing is get in shape. One of the biggest reasons people don't graduate on time is because they can not pass their Final PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment). Most guys have to complete the 1.5 mile run in 12:15, do about 50 push ups and about 60 sit ups. Most women have to do the 1.5 mile run in 14:45, do about 20 push ups and about 60 sit ups. Requirements vary by age.

Second get all of your personal obligations taken care of. You will only get about 3 phone calls during your stay. There is no time to be taking care of your finances. 

If you are in DEP (Delayed Entry Program) for awhile start doing your PQS (Personal Qualification Standard). It could mean more money. If you complete the PQS, pass your Initial PFA and pass a 50 question test you will be advanved to E-2.


Welcome to the Navy Boot Camp Guide. If you're here its because you are not sure what you have just gotten yourself into. There are plenty of websites out there with information about boot camp but this is information straight from the source. Both my wife and I were RDC's (Recruit Division Commanders).